The Qu-Chi Hay fever band is A top seller on Amazon and UK & Irish pharmacies selling out daily!

Pharmacies across the UK and Ireland are selling out of Qu-Chi Hayfever bands

I can't believe how much demand there is this year for my invention the Qu-Chi Hayfever band®! Pharmacies in the UK and Ireland are selling out as quickly as we can supply! For the 5th year we have been a number 1 top selling allergy product on Amazon.

Since launching it 10 YEARS AGO, I never thought it would be so popular! Originally I invented it to curb my own #hayfever symptoms

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, I'm so delighted that people are happy with theirs and hope you all enjoy this and future summers without the symptoms of hay fever!

Welcome to the Natural, drug free choice, Welcome to the hayfever band….


Best wishes Andrew


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