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Andrew Broch - Director

Andrew qualified in Acupuncture and Acupressure in 1999 from the Northern college of Acupuncture. He sees patients in London and Leeds, and practices at the Leeds Acupuncture Clinic.

A year after graduating, Andrew found in practice, that the stimulation of the Quchi acupuncture point seemed to relieve his symptoms. He made a prototype acupressure band for his patients to try. The feedback was amazing, so he looked into options for protecting and manufacturing his invention. It was only because of Andrew's research and understanding of acupuncture principles that The Qu-Chi Hayfever Band® came about.

Since launching in 2008, with the help of AirTight International Ltd, it has consistently been a top selling product on Amazon.co.uk, and over 150,000 bands have been sold worldwide.

AirTight-International Ltd

The Airtight International team consists of both Eastern and Western medical experience, Manufacturers, Marketing, Designers and Sales team. All of whom are passionate about helping people to enjoy the benefits of Quality, Natural, Drug Free products that have no side-effects.

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