Qu-Chi Hayfever Band review 2019

Qu-Chi hay fever band was a bestseller on Amazon UK AND Amazon Germany in 2019!

As the grass pollen is finally calming down I just wanted to take a few mins to review our season in 2019 for the Qu-Chi Hayfever band®️  
It’s certainly been a busy season for us! In April the Qu-Chi hayfever band was selected (unknowingly to us) as one of 6 hay fever relief products to be tested on a prime time German TV show (RTL). After testing the band and all the other products they concluded that the Qu-Chi hay fever band was one of two they would recommend. Overnight we became a top seller on amazon in Germany and remained there for over 3 months! Here is a link to the tv show

That kept us all very busy until the pollen count started to rise in the UK and Ireland!  

Then in mid May the lovely Kate Lawler wore the band on Virgin radio and was absolutely raving about how amazing it is! Here is a link to listen

Then in June I was watching BBC london weather and noticed Kate Kinsella wearing her Qu-Chi Hayfever band live whilst presenting her forecast! She wore one last year so was delighted she is still using it a year later! You can see Kate here


Then I was tagged in an instagram post by Jodie Marsh! She was wearing a Qu-Chi hay fever band! I sent her a message to ask if she liked it and she said that a friend had recommended it. She bought one from Amazon and absolutely loved it! Even went as far as saying ‘thank you @hayfeverband for giving me my life back!!!’

 Jodie has been posting so many photos wearing the band on instagram and facebook, and has written several glowing reviews which was completely unexpected and so kind of her. 

Jodie Marsh loves her Qu-Chi hayfever Band

That band on my arm is a @hayfeverband - I suffered really badly this year then a friend recommended this band and I swear on my mum’s life, I haven’t had hayfever since wearing it. It really WORKS! This is not an ad, I’m not being paid to say this. I’m honestly over the moon that I’ve found something that actually works. Antihistamine were doing nothing for me!!! These bands are insane! Billy now has one too!!! 🙌🏼 thank you @hayfeverband for giving me my life back!!! 🤣🤣🤣 x x x

Qu-Chi hay fever band a bestseller on Amazon UK for 6th year

Then to top off the season the Qu-Chi hay fever band this week became a number one best seller on Amazon UK for the 6th year!!! 

So, to summarise the 2019 season....

Best Seller on Amazon Germany

Best Seller on Amazon UK

As previous years pharmacies across UK and Ireland selling out as quickly as we can supply

Featured on TV in UK and Germany

Featured on Virgin radio 

Featured in loads of national press.

And of course not forgetting The successful launch of children sized hayfever bands!! 




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