Qu-Chi Hay fever band review 2018

The Qu-Chi hayfever band® was a #1 BEST SELLER on EBay in 2018

Its the last day of Summer tomorrow and as much as I love the hot sunny weather I am glad its over! I'm sure other hay fever sufferers would agree with me!

For The Qu-Chi Hayfever Band it was a remarkable season. We were featured in loads of National press and magazines this year, including The SUN newspaper (twice), The Evening Standard, Elle Magazine, The Daily Mail and much much more!

After being a top selling hayfever product on amazon.co.uk for the 5th time in 2017 we were delighted to be the Best Selling product in the  'Over-The-Counter Allergies & Hay Fever Medicine' section on EBay for the majority of the 2018 hay fever season.

Like last year, there was so much demand for the Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band™ in pharmacies in the UK and Ireland our distributors were calling us constantly asking for more bands.

Highlights for me were hearing Kate Lawler praising my invention on Virgin Radio and seeing Kate Kinsella wearing it whilst presenting her weather forecast on The BBC!

Its been 11 YEARS since i launched my invention, and judging by the verified Amazon and EBay reviews and emails/ facebook messages  i received this year I am so pleased that people like the hay fever band.


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