A quick summary of 2020 season for the Original Qu-Chi Hay Fever Band

Qu-Chi Hay fever bands feature in The SUN and The MIRROR

I know its been a while since I have written a blog post, but its been quite busy 2020 so far for the Qu-chi hay fever band. 

I was delighted that we managed to become a best seller on amazon again for the 7th year during the hot spell at the end of April! 

I am really appreciative that Jodie Marsh and her boyfriend Billy Collins were still loving their Qu-Chi hay fever bands that they bought last year. They once again were posting photos on instagram, facebook and twitter and praising them! 

She tweeted: “Last year Billy and I started wearing these hayfever bands from @hayfeverband and we didn’t suffer from hayfever once!

“I can not recommend these highly enough. I used to suffer terribly with hayfever and with these – NOTHING!!!!”
“Best invention ever. You are a genius. Thank you. My life would be horrendous without your bands.”

Then came JUNE!! Wow.. what a month that was.. firstly we managed a 1st 2nd and 3rd bestsellers on Amazon

Then last week, we featured in the SUN newspaper twice and the Daily MIRROR as well! 

As my clinic has been closed for about 5 months now due to the pandemic, I have really appreciated chatting to people on social media through our Instagram, facebook and twitter pages about how the bands have been helping them. 

I have spoken to so many people but one in particular was a paediatric oncology nurse who suffered, she told me it had been instant relief. I sent her a load of bands for the patients who were allergy sufferers, and she said “it was fab because most can’t take allergy medication during treatment ☺️

I also appreciate the comments, suggestions and advice from people. One suggestion was doing a new instruction video about how to locate the 2 acupuncture points and which point is better for which symptoms so here it is!! 


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